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Do you want nothing but clean air coming out of your heating & cooling ducts?  Do you need your ducts thoroughly cleaned at modest costs? At Cunningham's 1/2 Price Air & Heat, we can install, replace, and repair air-cleaning accessories.  We also do duct cleaning to keep your home clean and reduce common allergens that live in ducts that haven't been cleaned for years.

A Wide-Range of Air Cleaning Services

  • Professional duct cleaning for safe, allergen-free, clean air.

  • Up to 95% dirt particle capture, down to 1 micron in size!

  • Up to 80% dirt particle capture, down to 1/100th micron in size, which is small enough to capture air-borne viruses!

  • Ultraviolet air cleaners which kill all bacteria, virus, mold, mildew, or any micro-organisms.

  • Our Air Cleaners need no washing to work effectively. Just change the filter once per year, for most homes, because they are based on high efficiency filters with 4-5 inch pleats that allow about 20 square feet of very fine surface area, that will effectively clean for a full 12 months!

  • Up to 10 year parts warranties

  • Lifetime (of the boss) workmanship warranties

  • Service & Installations of all types air cleaners

 Top Quality Duct Cleaning 

At Cunningham's 1/2 Price Air & Heat, we can service or install all types of high efficiency air cleaners and deal with persistent duct odor problems.

We Do Top Quality Duct Cleaning

At Modest Prices

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Aprilaire 5000, Up to 95% Efficient Air Particle Removal

10-Yr & Lifetime Warranties

On Most Units


With 30 years experience, Cunningham's 1/2 Price Air & Heat uses proven home heating & cooling products with 10 yr & lifetime warranties as well as experienced service on all makes and models of heating & cooling systems.

Our service charges start at only $58!